Dear test takers,

Greetings and thank you for choosing us for your certification requirements. Please go through the below exam centre policies. You are also suggested to go through your respective test-sponsor policies in advance for a smooth testing experience.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices:

Candidates are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones or any electronic devices into the exam centre.
All electronic devices, including smartwatches and tablets, must be switched off and stored securely outside the examination area.

Personal Belongings:

Candidates are required to store all personal belongings, including bags, purses, and electronic gadgets, in designated storage facilities. Canddidates are advised to come with minimum possible belingings for a hassle free check-in experience.

Only necessary items, such as identification proofs and approved writing materials, may be brought into the exam room. Check your exam sponsor’s policies for the same.

Cheating and Misconduct:

Any form of cheating, including copying from unauthorized materials, communicating with others, or using prohibited aids, will result in immediate disqualification from the exam. Candidates must maintain academic integrity throughout the examination and follow all instructions provided by the invigilators.

Identification Requirements:

Candidates must present two valid forms of identification, such as a government-issued ID card, passport, adhaar card or driver’s license, to verify their identity before entering the exam room. The ID cards must be valid and unexpired. Kindly note that photocopies or scanned copies or laminated colored photocopies etc. are not accepted as a valid ID proof.

The names on the identification documents must match the name used during the registration process.

Exam Duration and Breaks:

Candidates must arrive at the exam centre at the designated reporting time specified in their exam instructions.
The duration of the exam will be clearly communicated, including the allocated time for each section or module.
Candidates may take authorized breaks during designated break times.
Leaving the exam room without permission is not allowed.

Exam Environment:

Candidates must maintain a quiet and focused environment in the exam room.
Any form of disruptive behavior, including talking, using unauthorized materials, or causing disturbances, will be strictly monitored and may result in disqualification.

Food and Drinks:

Eating or drinking inside the exam room is not permitted.
Candidates should have a meal prior to the exam and may access food or drinks during designated break times in designated areas outside the exam room.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:

Candidates must adhere to all COVID-19 safety guidelines established by the exam centre, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and following sanitization procedures. If you are not feeling well before or on the exam day, talk to your exam sponsor and ger the examination rescheduled at a later date for the safety of other candidates.

Late Arrivals:

Candidates must arrive at the exam centre on time. Late arrivals may not be allowed to enter the exam room as per the test sponsor policies and may need to reschedule their exam.

Visitors and Accompaniment:

Only authorized personnel and registered candidates are allowed inside the exam centre.
Visitors, including family members or friends, are not permitted to enter the exam premises during the testing period.

Exam Results and Security:

Exam results and related information will be kept confidential and released only to the as per the test sponsor’s policies.
Any attempt to tamper with exam materials or compromise the security of the examination process will result in strict action and potential legal consequences.

These exam centre policies ensure a fair, secure, and conducive environment for all candidates. It is important for candidates to familiarize themselves with these policies and adhere to them to maintain the integrity of the examination process.

All the best for your exams.